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Get Your Yoga On Book (Paperback and Kindle)

Get Your Yoga On Book Using Yoga

Get Your Yoga On Book. 30 Days to Build a Practice That Fits Your Body and Your Life. Available on Kindle and Paperback.

In the health field, yoga techniques are being applied to improve the health of an individual.

Not only that, but it also helps in recovering and as a medical therapy in sickness.

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Get Your Yoga On Book by Kino MacGregor

Yoga techniques help in depression, anxiety, stress, melancholy, coronary illness, diseases, and other ailments.

Get Your Yoga On Book
Kindle & Paperback Amazon

Yoga is an easy way to walk on the path of well-being and the development of inner awareness.

Get Your Yoga on: 30 Days to build a Practice that Fits Your Body and Your Life.

The book is a must-have book for all those who love and practices yoga.

The book composes of thirty poses of a yoga journey designed for real and authentic yoga practice.

Each pose in this book is modified according to different body types.

If the person is not so physically fit then do not worry at all the pose available in this book is as per the different physical abilities of people.

This book is an entrance or a gateway for you into the beautiful world of yoga.

The practices of different yoga poses will help you experience more joy, more pleasure, and more satisfaction than ever before.

This will make you do those thirty poses of yoga only for 5 minutes a day and for the rest of your life.

If you carve out five minutes a day of yours then you will ultimately experience a foundation of new life.

By testing yourself for only five minutes per day, you will wind up learning a solid, fundamental yoga succession that you can develop and adjust for a long period of yoga.

About the Author Kino MacGregor

Kino MacGregor is a Miami native and is a professional yoga trainer and coach.

She is a great influencer of yoga and inspiration in the field of yoga.

She has already written four books. She is a well-known Ashtanga yoga coach who became certified in Ashtanga yoga at a very budding age.

The author has been considered amongst the top twenty-one teachers under 40 in the Yoga Journal.

She is a very famous celebrity in the field of yoga and has crossed 1 million followers on Instagram, her youtube channel has also crossed 140 million views.

Founder of Omstars-the world’s first yoga TV network.

Other Books by Author

As yoga plays an important role in everyone’s life there are some other books written by Kino MacGregor that you can go for and adapt the different postures of yoga.

The other books are The Power of Ashtanga Yoga, The Yoga Assignment, and The Power of Ashtanga Yoga 2.

The Power of Ashtanga Yoga Book

The Power of Ashtanga Yoga Book
Paperback Kindle Amazon

Ashtanga Yoga is an effortless, athletic kind of yoga that has become very famous lately.

Here, Kino MacGregor, a supporter of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, created Ashtanga Yoga a present-day master of Ashtanga Yoga.

She gives a far-reaching perspective on the training and shows how Ashtanga in a very simple way and helps in the development of a person.

MacGregor dives into the set of experiences and customs of Ashtanga Yoga and unravels how its way of thinking shows in a contemporary way of life and dietary decisions.

Her bit by bit explanation of the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series—including standing, back bending, curving, hip-opening, and elegant postures is a beautiful picturization for the people who are new to the training, and it will propel experienced yogis into the lawlessness of body postures.

All through, MacGregor shares her very own short journey of yoga and her dedication to It in a way of self-acknowledgment that will motivate all professionals.

The Yoga Assignment Book

The Yoga Assignment Book

If you are really an expert on yoga then this a must-have book for you.

This book aims at completely changing the way or the attitude you were having towards yoga.

This book will remove and eradicate all the negativity and the things that were causing your mind a lot of trouble.

Through these yogas, you will feel like your body has been transformed.

The Power of Ashtanga Yoga 2 Book

The Power of Ashtanga Yoga 2 Book
Amazon Kindle Paperback

In her first book, Kino MacGregor acquainted perusers with Ashtanga Yoga, a famous and athletic sort of yoga created by her tutor, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.

Presently, she gets back with this enlightening development to introduce and clarify the Second or Intermediate, Series to specialists who wish to take their training to the following level.

With more than 250 photos, this strong and drawing in entrée into moderate level practice is a brilliant asset for the two professionals and instructors.

MacGregor gives bit by bit directions and covers the vital parts of the work, including:

  • The fundamentals of Ashtanga Yoga reasoning
  • Essential foundation data on the Intermediate Series
  • How to know when you are prepared to take on this next phase of training
  • The refinement parts of the training
  • The pranayama methods related to the training

Get Your Yoga On Book

Get Your Yoga On Book Using Yoga

[social_warfare]Yoga is a curative, stress-busting, and intense groundbreaking practice that is for everyone.

Through bit by bit directions, with the help of more than 200 photos, and modifications for all body types, Kino makes yoga practicable at whatever level you may be.

By testing yourself for only five minutes per day, you will wind up learning a solid, fundamental yoga succession that you can develop and adjust for a long period of yoga.

Yoga is maybe the main type of movement which needs all the inward organs and organs of the body in a careful way, counting those, for example, and the prostate that barely gets remotely invigorated during our whole lifetime.

Yoga acts in a healthy way on the different body parts. This instigation and back rub of the organs, in turn, benefits us by fending off infection and gives a caution for the growth of infection at a very early age. Namaste!

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