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Beer Yoga: A New Style of Yoga To Try

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Beer yoga is the new yoga trend. Drinking beer is one of my favorite social activities.

The Germans decided to combine their national drink with therapy for mind, body, and soul. Of course, it’s a blend of beer and yoga.

Beer Yoga: Have You Got the Bottle to Try It?

Is yoga with beer for real? Yes, it is. Here’s more about it.

“Bieryoga or BeerYoga is the marriage of two great loves – beer and yoga. Both are part of a millennial tradition and therapy.

The joy of drinking beer and a holistic approach to yoga complement each other and create an energetic experience,” the Bieryoga studio in Berlin said.

The whole story also came to Australia so this type of yoga can be practiced in Sydney and Melbourne.

One session lasts an hour during which so-called asanas are practiced which include yoga movements combined with drinking beer as well as using beer in the poses.

Yoga with beer can be practiced by people older than sixteen, and the founders of this trend say that it’s not a joke.

Many people believe that alcohol and yoga don’t mix.

Some traditional schools feel that alcohol interferes with your ability to reach a mindful state naturally.

Because the alcohol creates a relaxed feeling rather than the yoga itself.

But, many modern yogis embrace yoga with beer and feel that there are benefits to the combination.

Yoga and Beer Preserve Health

Yoga and beer preserve health. The fundamental goal of yoga is to achieve and preserve physical, mental, spiritual, and social health.

By combining the spiritual techniques and wisdom of India with the knowledge of the modern age.

On the other hand, beer consumption also preserves health.

Beer Yoga is all about balance. Those who come to my yoga classes love that they can get a great workout in for their body and mind and afterwards they are rewarded with a tasty beverage.” – Source: Blogs.uco.edu

Namely, epidemiological studies have shown that moderate beer consumption provides greater protection of the cardiovascular system compared to spirits.

Scientists attribute this to a number of molecules in beer, especially polyphenols, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

In addition, there is growing evidence of the protective effect of moderate beer consumption on neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease).

Scientists have once again confirmed that people who consume beer in moderation and responsibly have a reduced mortality rate, mainly due to a reduction in cardiovascular risk, compared to complete abstainers.

In “Yoga with beer” asanas are practiced – physical exercises to improve health, vitality, concentration, and to achieve inner peace and pleasure.

The asanas that are performed include, among other things, “greeting the sun with a beer” and holding a bottle of beer on the head. For how it looks, see in the video.

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Asanas To Help You With Your Balance

Some yoga uses the beer bottle in the poses, balancing it and holding it while you do the asanas.

Others just have it nearby and you take a sip between poses or sometimes during. You average going through two bottles during a session.

Another benefit of incorporating beer with yoga is that it can diminish the inhibitions that can sometimes prevent someone from trying yoga.

It feels more like a social meeting than an exercise class, even though some of these classes can be pretty intense, physically.

So people feel more relaxed and some are more willing to try yoga in the first place.

Curious where you can practice this type of yoga? It can be practiced in a regular yoga studio and many places are now adding it to their selection of offerings.

One of these places isn’t a yoga studio. You can now practice yoga in combination with beer at a brewery.

Not only do you get the healthy benefits of your practice, but you can also see where your beer is made.

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Hope You Liked This Post About Beer Yoga

Beer Yoga A New Style of Yoga To Try


If you thought beer and yoga didn’t go together, you were wrong. The latest trend combines these two seemingly incompatible pleasures.

Wondering how a beer bottle can help you practice yoga? It will allow the simultaneous activation of all 5 senses, and at the same time helps maintain focus.

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