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Alternative Workouts A Look at Aerial Yoga


Aerial Yoga a unique and amazing style of Yoga to participate in. Watching this type of Yoga is just an amazing experience.

Have You Heard of Aerial Yoga?

Have You Heard of at Aerial Yoga

Exercise with a canvas is known in India, the cradle of yoga, but aerial yoga, conceived in this way was born in the 1990s in America.

This amazing aerial yoga uses a prop, a piece of fabric that hangs from the ceiling in the shape of the letter “U”

With the help of this piece of fabric, also known as an aerial yoga hammock (Amazon), yoga positions are performed combined with elements of gymnastics, acrobatics, and dance.

This style of exercise originates from Bali in Indonesia. The founder is a gymnast, dancer, and yogi Christopher Harrison.

In the early 1990s, it was perfected by the American, Christopher Harrison with his team of experts and instructors of yoga, Pilates, acrobatics, dance, as well as psychologists and pedagogues, after which he spread it all over the world.

It uses the force of gravity, which contributes to the body relaxing while increasing strength, centering the mind, and elevating the spirit.

What is Exactly Aerial Yoga?

What is Exactly Aerial Yoga

What is Exactly Aerial Yoga? Aerial yoga is a combination of yoga, pilates exercises, fitness, acrobatics, therapeutic and relaxation exercises, and sometimes dance.

All this together makes this unique aerial yoga fun and dynamic style of exercise.

The main category of canvas-assisted exercise is inverted movements or, as Inesa explains, movements through which you look at your world upside down.

Inverted positions or inversions are also performed through ordinary yoga.

The reverse position decompresses the spine. With this stretching, the spine comes into its proper shape without pressure on the joints, hips, and tendons.

The discs between the vertebrae stretch and thus all blockages caused by various back diseases, injuries, sitting, improper standing or walking disappear.

Unlike hatha yoga, this style of exercise requires a much greater concentration.

This Style of Yoga is Not a Solo Style

Not a Solo Style

You do not work alone but in the company of others and of course, the canvas with which you should be well acquainted.

Also, the presence of the instructor that is monitoring the workout of the practitioner.

In recreational yoga classes, the instructor tells you at the beginning of the class that you work within the limits of pleasure, and many practitioners do that because, with the force of gravity that acts on their muscles, they receive a clear message from the body where the limits are.

Amazon LinkWhen you practice on an aerial yoga hammock (Amazon) if you are not well centered and do not practice gradually from the very beginning be very careful.

The canvas can pull you and then stretch ligaments and other parts causing you to get hurt.

Make sure you are familiar with the equipment and pay attention to what the instructor tells you.

Aerial Yoga Video Transcript

Woman Sitting on an Aerial Yoga Hammock

Below is the transcript of the video in this article.


00:08-00:55 – Host: AM’s alternative workout series takes yet another twist this morning.

Yoga is a fantastic workout on its own, but what happens when you take those moves off the ground and into the air?

I gave it a go with Aero yoga. Here’s a look.

Ladies. It is great to be with you here at Fly Queen West.

Uh, tell me, and I’ll start with you, Marlene, what aerial yoga is.

Fly: Good question. Because a lot of people ask, so aerial yoga is a yoga practice done, um, using a silk that’s connected at the bottom as a prop for support to go deeper and to challenge yourself a little more.

Host: Challenge yourself a little more.

You know, I look at the silks, I think this all looks so pretty, but then I look at your arms and I’m thinking, Carrie, you get results with this thing.

Fly: It certainly does help. – 00:08-00:55


Woman Performing Aerial Yoga

There’s a lot of upper body strength out and core workout that’s required.

Um, you get stronger forearms wrists, fingers, and it’s great for people that want to do massages as well.

They get super strong fingers.

Host: Are you ready to participate in Aerial Yoga?

Fly: Yeah, let’s do it.

Host: You got my AM peeps. I’m excited. All right.

Fly: So we’re going to begin with the downward-facing dog.

This particular pose really lengthens our spine and it connects to our shoulder blades, um, into our rib cage so that we feel that strength and length through the arms.

So we’ll take our hands to the bottom of your hammock.

Lift your heels, walk underneath your point of suspension and connect your fabric to your hip.

Creases, lean forwards, lightly to secure your silk, where it is.

I feel like my arms already supporting everything.

Then hinge from your hips, guide your hands one at a time, and then let your hips swing back and space so that the legs get nice and split your legs into a great big V and then push your hands into the earth to lengthen your arms and find that space in your spine.

Your head can hang heavy here and then find your feet round your spine and slowly roll to standing.


Girl on Hammock

So now we’ll try aerial yoga plank pose.

Let’s press our hands underneath our shoulders.

Pick up your right foot. Look back behind you.

This sometimes is the hardest part of class and hug your ankle into your loop. Exhale.

Turn your left toes under a three-legged plank pose. Good.

Inhale here. And then we’ll exhale float.

Your left thigh up [says] are the legs and let’s hold for three, two, and one.

And then we’ll round our back nose to me.

Host: Holy smokes. Seriously.

Fly: So now we’re going to go into inverted butterfly.

This is a really fun pose.

We get to hang upside down and decompress our spine.

Get our circulation and lymphatic fluid moving.

As you lean back, split the legs nice and wide, and then hook your heels in front of yourself.

Slide your hands down and let yourself melt towards the earth.

So let’s make our way into our final resting pose.

Shavasana I’m in aerial yoga.

We often call it cocoon because it feels like we’re just hanging in our hammock, press down with your thumbs and hop in like a little swing, hook your shields into yourself, and then extend the legs as you scoot your bum back to stretch it. Nice and wide.

Host: May I live here? This is good.

I seriously almost fell asleep right there, but that was fantastic.

We’ll have a link to Fly Queen West on our website.

This video was provided by CTV News. You can find more local news on their website CTVNews.ca. You can find Aerial Yoga Classes at the Fly Queen West Website.

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Hope You Liked This Post About Aerial Yoga

Hope You Liked This Post About Aerial Yoga


Another aspect of this intriguing aerial yoga is the emotional-mental one.

Are you afraid of rocking? Flying? Head-down positions? Heights?

You are in the right place to get to know yourself in a fun and systematic way, with a wonderful feeling of liberating body movements and mind biases
Of course, there are limitations.

This type of yoga is not recommended for people who have problems with blood pressure, glaucoma, epilepsy, severe and frequent headaches, spinal surgeries, disc herniations, heart patients, or during pregnancy.

What is the experience like? Well, I recommend you experience it for yourself!

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