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Adriene Mishler Goes on the Today Show


Adriene Mishler has a mission to bring yoga to schools and your homes, so she launched the popular YouTube channel “Yoga with Adriene”.

She is an actress, writer, international yoga teacher, and entrepreneur from Austin, Texas.

It is an online community of over six million subscribers.

“Yoga with Adriene” provides high-quality yoga and mindfulness exercises, completely free.

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Yoga with Adriene Mishler Makes a Good New Year’s Start

There is evidence that yoga reduces stress levels and promotes relaxation.

According to one study, “women who practiced yoga have had more positive health behaviors than nonpractitioners and were more likely to be physically active and eat healthier” – Source: scholarworks.waldenu.edu PDF

Also, yoga has helped them eliminate feelings of anxiety, fatigue, and depression.

Other research shows that yoga can reduce inflammatory processes in the body and help prevent inflammatory diseases.

In addition, it reduces the likelihood of developing heart disease and improves the quality of sleep as well as overall life.

If you are a beginner in practicing yoga, “Yoga With Adriene”, a YouTube channel, along with the charming Adriene Mishler, will help you master the basics of yoga, progress, and incorporate yoga practice into your daily routine.

A Yoga Star

Yoga Star with Adriene Mishler

The star of the channel, Austinite Adriene Mishler of Austin, has been providing yoga classes at home for almost a decade.

Her popular YouTube channel has more than 7 million subscribers worldwide and her videos have been viewed more than half a billion times.

Her videos are enjoyable, understandable, and easy to follow, and the tutorials revolve less around perfect pose performance and more around learning how to connect body and mind.

Her accessibility and naturalness are what attract people who want to practice yoga and her videos are meant for everyone.

Her charm, wit, and playfulness are what will make you not want to get off your yoga mat. That rug soon becomes a safe place where you can completely disconnect from the world.

Her videos are intended for everyone, regardless of expertise or age, and there is no exclusivity or condemnation.

One of the benefits of exercising at home is that you don’t need to follow other people who are normally present at such yoga classes.

You can tailor the session to yourself and take a break whenever you need to.

Adriene Mishler Goes on the Today Show Video Transcript

Yoga Class

“Yoga With Adriene” provides high-quality yoga exercises, completely free. As the most sought-after YouTube channel in 2015, in 2016 it was awarded the Streamy in Health and Wellness Award.

Below is the video transcript to help you follow along.


Commentator: Whatever it is that enables one person in the dining room of a tiny house in Texas,

Adriene Mishler: Just melt your whole front side, down to the ground.

C: to somehow move through the screen and into the lives of more than 5 million followers. Adrian Mishler has it.

A: What do you wanna do? Warrior of gratitude, love, cornbread, stuffing.

C: Adrian teaches yoga on YouTube.

A: And then we’re going to press away from the mat.

C: But before you click on one of her yoga with Adrian classes, know this,

A: You don’t need a fancy yoga mat. Don’t have to be good at yoga to do yoga. You don’t have to be flexible.

C: For those of us who are self-conscious, who just like to see if maybe yoga is as healing and wonderful as so many people say it is, Adrian has a class for you, and it’s free


Easy Yoga Poses

A: It can really help people who maybe don’t want to step out into a yoga studio or gym setting right away.

Realize like, okay, we got this right here at home and you don’t need anything.

C: Her classes are like doing yoga with a really nice neighbor.

A: Hi buddy.

C: Adrian has the ability to be present to whoever is watching.

A: I feel like the spirit of yoga with Adrian really is like, I’m in my little corner of the world choosing to take care of myself, my real self and like, whatever I’m showing up with today. But also like I’m here with you.

C: Her followers feel that connection deeply.

A: No matter how I feel when I get on the mat, I always leave it feeling amazing and thankful.

Person A: Oh, she inspires. She motivates. And she doesn’t hide her vulnerability.

C: While at Adrian’s house, we figured why not try a little refresher course. And my yoga practice has been pretty much dormant for 20 years.

A: How do you feel today?


Yoga Classes

C: Really good.

Yeah. 68 years old. I’m an old football player. I have those usual aches and pains and some bad back, but I feel great.

A: Excellent. Well, and also your energy is so awesome. I just have to say like amazing energy.

C: We started with a basic: mountain pose.

A: I always think it’s like Caitlin’s lit and Titanic in the front. Like I was an only child. So a lot of imagination.

C: We were joined by a frequent visitor to Adrian’s classes. Who’s that?

A: So this is Benji, my assistant.

C: Okay. Um, that already is a downward dog. And just as we were really getting into it, Benji could not resist joining in.

A: Yay. Benji, show us the good stuff. Yeah.

C: Yep. Help me. I love you too, buddy. That’s motivation. You wouldn’t do that every day. Right.

Host B: So first of all, I’m shocked at how flexible you are. That’s amazing. So how did you feel? No, that was pretty impressive.

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Yoga StyleC: Well, so we’re, we’re going to do one today. Adrian is here.

A: Hello Adrienne? So we’re, we’re going to, you’re going to start a 30-day challenge. How many of you’ve done so far.

A: 6 years. 60 years is hard to believe.

C: Yeah. Right. So for beginners or..

A: They’re for all levels. So I spent a lot of time designing them so that you can show up at any level in any mood, because to commit to something for 30 days, right.

There are going to be days where you simply don’t want to show up.

We all know what that’s like. There are gonna be days where you feel tired.

There’s going to be days where you just are not in the mood. And the goal is to show up anyway.

So I try to create a series where you can show up as you are. And even if you just breathe, you know, on the mat, that’s enough.

Host B: Let me just reflect for one second on that piece, we just saw about you.

Like I’m looking at you and I’m watching what you’ve built and created, and it seems like you’ve done it with your heart like on the table.

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Adriene Mishler Yoga for Beginners

A lot of people have to be kind of business-minded to do what you did.

What do you think the secret was to, for you to have created something that seems attainable for a lot of people who wouldn’t normally do yoga?

A: Well, I wish I knew a lot of times I feel like there is a little bit of magic, which hearing I spoke about back in Texas around the whole thing.

But yeah, but outside of the magic answer, I feel like when we first set out to do this in 2012, we started uploading free yoga videos to YouTube as a, just a little idea to kind of create something that would help others.

But also my business partner and I were artists who are artists Whew! Hold on, Adrian.

Host B: Uh, you love it. You can tell like if you’re authentic about it.

A: Yeah. And that’s just the thing is I really feel like practically speaking, we were not trying to create a business back then.

If we were trying to create a business in 2012, it would have, it would have panned out differently, right?

Anything, not that that’s wrong. You know, obviously, we’re doing a lot of that these days and wellness, which is…


Yoga Poses

C: Let me interrupt a second because we talked to a number of people who follow you on YouTube. And people have had like life-changing experiences.

People don’t want to go to yoga classes. They don’t want to be shy. They don’t want to be exactly.

Uh, watch me! I can put my legs behind my ears. Like, there’s none of that in this. Right.

So that it’s so accessible for a lot of people, five and a half million onwards.

Host B: You’re incredible. Thank you for coming down.

C: So when we get done, we’re going upstairs, we’re going to do a class that we’re going to do on one of those things.

A: We’re going to do a live stream. Instagram. It’ll be today’s show ie: like the kids call it.

Host C: Yeah. Yeah. Well maybe I’ll leave this on, but what you said, the one thing that you said, just show up, you don’t have it. Yeah.

Because I think that’s what stops us because, Oh, I’m not going to do 30 minutes. I’m not going to do it. Just be there and do what you can do.

A: Totally. And the greatest thing about at-home yoga is you can do it in your pajamas.

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Video is from TODAY Youtube Channel. You can also find more local news at their website TODAY.com

You can find more of her videos at her Yoga Youtube Channel Yoga with Adriene.

Hope You Liked This Post Adriene Mishler Goes on the Today Show

Adriene Mishler Goes on the Today Show
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Adriene Mishler uses mantras to connect yoga with her audience and to make the videos more personal.

For each day of her 30-day challenge, Adriene calls the videos a mantra.

The first day is I Accept, where Adriene Mishler encourages you to accept the challenge, accept who you are, and always be your own.

The second day is titled I Create, and the third day is I Embrace, etc.

Every day when you go back to the mat and practice yoga, Adriene Mishler will congratulate you for coming here for yourself and ask you to specify what you want to gain from the exercise day.

As a reward after the exercises, you will get a relaxed body and mind.

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