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Yoga Poses Demonstrated With a Personal Touch

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Yoga poses demonstrated by someone like you shows how yoga helped Mei to achieve her goals and turn her life around… And how you can do it too.

Yoga Poses Demonstrated by Someone Like You

Mei isn’t a teacher, as she’s quick to point out. But, she has been doing yoga for about a year.

In this Yoga article, she demonstrates yoga poses and describes her journey as well as giving tips.

Mei helps you feel better about not being able to do each new pose perfectly.

She shows you that some of them are still a challenge for her. But the poses she’s already mastered are impressive to watch.

She admits she couldn’t even touch her toes and then you see what she can do now.

Plus Mei shares the improvements she’s made in her everyday life and what she’s overcome.

The fact that she’s not an expert but someone like us who is still learning helps us to feel like these yoga poses demonstrated are achievable by us as well.

  • Let us Get The Yoga Poses Started
  • Camel, Cow, and Cat Yoga Poses Demonstrated
  • Beginner Tips
  • Asana Yoga Pose Demonstrated/Advice
  • Yoga Studios
  • Downward Facing Dog
  • Plank, Cobra or Upward Facing Dog, Child’s Series Yoga Poses Demonstrated
  • Stretch With Toes
  • Wide-Legged Forward Fold Yoga Pose Demonstrated
  • Variations in Body Needs
  • Forum Wheel Yoga Pose Demonstrated
  • Dolphin Pose
  • Thank You For Watching The Video

This video can be very encouraging, here is hoping that we can do the same.

This video transcript below has been divided into different sections so that you can easily find the spot you need.

Let Us Get The Yoga Poses Started

Yoga Poses Demonstrated With a Personal Touch
Yoga Poses Demonstrated With a Personal Touch Pinterest PIN

00:00-00:38 – Apologies, if you can hear the sound of water, in the background. A hydrated queen. Drink water. Love yourself.

That’s your reminder. Hey, my name is Mei like the month and today I’m going to be answering some of your yoga questions while doing my favorite yoga poses.

Just a disclaimer. I am not a teacher at all. So take what I’m doing with a grain of salt.

These poses are just what makes me, I don’t feel limber and light and stretchy, and they’re just my favorites.

Oh, I’m feeling a little stiff today. It’s currently the time of the month there and I just got my back tattooed.

So I definitely need this now more than ever. – 00:00-00:38

Camel, Cow, and Cat Yoga Poses Demonstrated

Camel Cow and Cat Yoga Poses Demonstrated

02:21-03:30 – Might as well just go into my second pose, right? Do you want to do it with me?

This way, you can keep your legs hip-width apart. It’s a camel pose.

When I started yoga, I was incredibly unfit. I couldn’t touch my toes and was very not flexible.

I knew yoga had various levels of, you know, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or expert, everyone starts from somewhere.

And I knew that being the shape that I was in before, it can be a natural transition for me.

So that’s why I started. And it’s been one of my passions ever since.

I’ve been now what? I’m almost a year sober. So I’ve been doing yoga for almost a year.

Another one of my favorite things is cat and cow. So it’s when you like arch your back up like this, when you breathe in, you drop your spine. Okay. Just like a cat. – 02:21-03:30

Beginner Yoga Tips

Beginner Yoga Tips

03:31-04:56 – Another question that I’ve gotten is have you got any tips for beginners? And I can honestly say, Oh my goodness. Um, I can honestly say I started from YouTube or you type in yoga for beginners.

I think the first person that comes up is Yoga by Adrian. She’s honestly a peach.

She does this 30-day challenge, which I started out with because I said, okay, if I can do all 30 days and if I love it at the end, if I can stay committed, then I can go out to other studios around Toronto.

And that’s what I did. I completed the challenge. I thoroughly enjoyed it. And I picked a random studio, which turned out to be a hot yoga studio.

Make sure you drink water. I almost passed out the first class I went to and that’s how I met Deanna.

I will plug her Instagram right here. If you guys follow me on Instagram, you know that I take her classes basically every single morning.

She is amazing. She has essentially made me the person who I am now in terms of yoga. And I cannot thank her enough. – 03:31-04:56

Asana Pose Demonstrated and Some Life Advice

Asana Pose Demonstrated and Some Life Advice

04:57-05:52 – Another one of my favorite poses is kind of Asana. So it’s when you have your legs out a little bit wider, so stiff, and then you just fold one leg and make sure your toes are standing up just like that.

If your heel doesn’t touch the floor, that’s completely fine, but it just gives a really nice stretch or an [idea]. And it feels amazing.

My tips for beginners are I essentially what my dad says. If you try something once and if it sticks, it sticks. If it doesn’t, at least you tried just to do it. It’s like the stuff I live off thing. Just do it.

And you flip over to the other side like that, going with a friend or knowing someone at the studio or just doing it around people is very motivating. – 04:57-05:52

Yoga Studios

Yoga Studios

05:53-06:49 – One thing I deal with is hyper-competitiveness. I did ballet and I fought for almost a decade and I compare myself to people ever since birth.

That’s just who I am as a human being. So I had to learn how to drop my ego and know that these people around me at a studio, aren’t there to watch me fail.

If anything, they’re there to motivate me. And we all came from the same place. Couldn’t even touch my toes.

I had no stamina. I was incredibly unfair and you know, practice makes perfect and patience makes perfect.

And here we are. So tips for beginners. Just do it. Just freaking do it.

I know that’s not the piece of advice that everyone wants to hear, but that’s honestly how I came to be. – 05:53-06:49

Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog

06:50-08:04 – And I was coming to a forward fold.

Um, I’ll try to insert some clips of me doing a [charter rung up] for the first time. I couldn’t even do a pushup, not even one.

I think I like faked it the entire time. And now I can do a ton of [go] almost effortlessly.

So to show you how to do that, I start from forward, fold, breathe into flat back, come back down to forward fold. And I walk my hands out to a downward-facing dog. Something like that.

If this is your first downward dog in the morning, make sure you pedal out your feet, whatever feels nice or it feels copacetic.

One thing I love about yoga is that you don’t have to be really fancy with it. This mat is so beat up. I don’t have any blocks. I don’t have any bands or anything. Super fancy.

And I still managed to do it every morning. It is for me, such a good excuse to get away from my laptop or my phone screen and just have time to myself. – 06:50-08:04

Series of Yoga Poses Demonstrated

Series of Yoga Poses Demonstrated

08:05-08:55 – So from the downward-facing dog, what I love to do is I just [waved] my spine forward to a plank position.

Make sure your hips are in line with your shoulders. I mean, move forward. You can drop your knees if you want to.

Slowly go down, stop at 90 degrees. Push your way up to your Cobra or upward facing dog.

Push back down to the downward-facing dog, super simple, really lovely. And it just works all parts of your body.

You can do it over and over again. Or you can just drop your knees back down to a child’s pose to stretch out for a little bit. – 08:05-08:55

Stretch Your Toes

Stretch Your Toes

08:56-10:21 – Another thing that I love to do. So when you’re at your high plank, I like to slope my toes.

One of them, not all of them, bring it to my elbow. You can hold or you can take a little dip.

Can you tell me some more? I’m going to just walk up and they can] go to the three-legged dog, bring your foot forward.

Then you take a twist. Wow. And I like to roll over to my feet edges Just really gets into your hip flexors and whatnot.

And then you can do it on the other side. Oh, out of breath. Why?

The benefits of yoga have been crazy for me, I now have a semblance of a routine. I feel better about myself.

And obviously what people notice the most is my body. Doing yoga five to six times a week has made so many changes to my body.

I have abs now, can you believe that? I never had that in my life, even if I was fighting. That’s crazy. So I did. I just came back. What’s it called? Hot splits? – 08:56-10:21

Wide-Legged Forward Fold

Wide-Legged Forward Fold

10:22-12:00 – Another one of my favorite poses is the wide-legged forward fold. Like this.

Start with a flat back, Breathe in, and then you can fold forward into just your regular stretchy guy. Or you can flip over into an inversion.

People have asked me how long it took for me to do inversions. And I think all in all, it’s taken me 10 weeks of constant practice, like bruising, throwing my body everywhere, falling left, right and center, but working your core and practicing and just, it’s like riding a bike.

Once you find that balance, you’ll never forget that positioning. And it’s so much fun. I think it’s one of the coolest things I can do. So I just, something like that. – 10:22-12:00

Variations in Body Needs

Variations in Body Needs

12:01-13:16 – You can start yoga at any time. I’m 23. And I always thought that to be good at yoga or to be good at anything.

You have to start in your teens or you have to do it since, you know, conception out of the womb doing flips and balances, but that’s not the case at all.

My body itself is quite sharp. um, my knees are really bad due to fighting [RSI Monica] and doing Daniela’s classes has, this is not sponsored by the way.

She’s a homie. I really, really love her. Doing her classes, she gives so many options on what to do, which I love.

Like for some reason, one side of my body is not as flexible as the other. No idea why, but she gives so many different variations and options on what you can do depending on where you’re at in your body.

So like, I can do the splits on one side, but I can’t do the splits on the other side.

See if I can do it, flex for the camera. Can do the splits. Yeah. But on the other side, I can’t, it’s like a perfect 90-degree angle. – 12:01-13:16

Forum Wheel Yoga Pose Demonstrated

Forum Wheel Yoga Poses Demonstrated

13:17-13:58 – I really hope you don’t mind. A lot of his purring like this. I’m so sorry if it’s a little bit irritating, it’s quite soothing.

In my opinion, isn’t it like a scientific fact that people feel more relaxed when they feel, or when they hear [sorry], a cat’s purring?

Another thing that I really love to do is a full wheel. You can either start just by doing a bridge pose. So it’s something, like that.

I just finished watching cheer and I needed some cheering in my life just to hype me up. I love that.

So, your feet are hip-width apart and you just lift up your hips, Nice little stretch, or you can flip it into forum wheel. – 13:17-13:58

Dolphin Yoga Pose

Dolphin Yoga Pose

13:59-15:41 – And what I’ve been trying to do is to go from forum wheel to dolphin pose. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

One thing you have to realize is number one, yoga sometimes isn’t very pretty. Let’s see if I can do it. Let’s see if I can fully stun for the camera.

I just finished watching cheer [at any assimilate Gerry in my life] just to help me up. I love that.

Okay. All right. Forum wheel. Forum wheel. Sometimes it just doesn’t work and it’s totally okay. Okay. Great. One more try. It’s a lot of work, But once it sticks, it sticks. – 13:59-15:41

Thank You For Watching The Video

Thank You For Watching This Yoga Video

15:42-16:35 – I don’t know where this video went. I’ve just been doing some things stretching out and hopefully, it motivates some of you to start doing yoga as well.

If you have any other questions, please let me know. And I will answer them down below as much as I can.

I just love yoga and it just makes me so happy. I never, I never thought that I’d be here being able to do like inversions and flips and all that fun stuff, but you know, have quite a couple of cool party tricks.

And I’ve learned to love my body again because of yoga. I can fully say that with my whole heart. I hope you guys have a great day. Appreciate all of you. And I’ll talk to you soon. – 15:42-16:35

This Video comes from Mei Pang on her Yoga Youtube Channel Mei PangVisit her channel for more amazing Yoga Videos.

We Hope You Like This Post Yoga Poses Demonstrated With a Personal Touch

We Hope You Like This Post Yoga Poses Demonstrated With a Personal Touch


We hope you liked this video of yoga poses demonstrated by someone just like you.

Mei is still practicing and looks amazing. She’s not afraid for you to see if she doesn’t quite get something right and that’s one of the best things about it.

You know that you don’t have to be perfect to get the results you want and that someday, you can look like an expert, too. Namaste!

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